Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

This morning I sat in the same church where my parents were married exactly 29 years ago. I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for having me (and my brothers) and putting our needs before you own all these years. I couldn't be here without you. Literally:) Love you two, Happy Anniversary.

(oh I would have posted thier wedding picture but I guess digital cameras weren't around back then? Was film even invented at that time? Just kidding.)

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Audra said...

Hi Sarah,
The rally up in the UP is this coming weekend. I actually dropped my husband off at the airport this morning. I decided not to tag along this year. The team is heading over to the UK at the end of November for a race. So, I’m saving up my vacation time for that trip.

Wow, I did hit a tree! Trying to keep up with my brother. How embarrassing. Other than bumps/bruises I was fine.

Right now, I’m finishing up the last couple of rehab sessions for a shoulder that I dislocated in August at my last motocross race. (My first trip to the hospital!!) That cut my riding season short, and I had to sit out the last three races. I was pretty frustrated with myself!!

So, since then, I have been working hard at getting my shoulder back into shape. Don’t laugh too hard (just kidding…I know you’re too nice to do that. :) ), but my goal is to win the local Women’s C (novice) class championship next year.
Anyway, the plan is to work at getting into better shape over the winter and to be ready to ride, ride, ride once the snow disappears.

So, you’re new puppy Frankie is a cutie. I read, awhile ago, that you had gotten a lamb? Well, maybe it’s a sheep by now? :) Have you been able to fit in any horse back riding while you’ve been home? I went twice this past weekend. I’m trying to get my horse and my butt ready for a big trail ride next month. I spent so much time on my bike this spring/summer that my horse had lots of time to get fat and lazy.

Anyway, bye for now. Hope you’re having a great day and beginning to get yourself psyched up for this weekend!

Here’s my email address, just in case you want to get in touch. at
I feel like I’m writing you a novel on here, and I don’t want to take up too much space. :) I would really like to hear how you’ve been doing. I haven’t gotten any updates from you know who in awhile.
Anyway, take care Sarah, and have fun this weekend.