Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Pulling up to Elsinore today I saw the bulldozer working on the driveway, removing some of the mud trying to make it drivable. Right away I should have known what the track would be like, I mean come on the track is built on a dried up lake bed it obviously holds water pretty good. I was the first person there so I got the privilege of breaking the line for everyone else, all the while with a huge smile on my face. Though I love riding in mud its something I don't do that often anymore. I am never in Michigan when the snow melts anymore, back in the day when we couldn't ride for four months as soon as the dirt road we lived on started to melt my dad would let my brother and I do cirlces in it as long as we racked out the ruts afterwards. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The best part of riding in the mud back then or at any race I go to now is as soon as I pull off the track I could just hand my bike to my dad. I always hang out for a little while looking like I care but really I just want him to spray off my boots. Today as I loaded my bike I knew that the garden hose was not going to do the trick and I headed straight for the car wash before the mud had a chance to dry and cake itself on. I spent all of my quarters and one dollar bills trying to get it clean and it still didn't do the trick. Though I had a lot of fun and it was well worth it I have to say it, Daddy I wish you were here.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Its true practice does make perfect. And not to pick on California anymore than I need to (someone commented me that if I do it too much I will get thrown out) but if you guys out here want to be good in mud then stop cancelling races every time it rains! Yesterday was the second weekend in a row I woke up early excited to go get muddy only to find out the race was cancelled:( Now I'm not a fan of the clean up either (but hey I dont like washing my bike no matter what the conditions) and I have been known to pass up a practice day or two in the rain. But racing is different, and there really is nothing better than racing in mud. I know its still months away but I hear a lot of people out here talking about qualifying for Loretta's this year so all I have to say is if you are planning on going you better start riding in the mud because it ALWAYS rains at the ranch. See you there, I'll be the one smiling when the skies turn grey.