Sunday, April 27, 2008

Check out my cute little ass!

Hahahaha I'm sorry but when you have donkeys that joke never gets old. It was really confusing when we got our first one back when I was 13 and she was named Sarah. Then it was like "Sarah is out of her pen again, go put her away" or "Sarah is getting really fat she is going to have her baby any day" or my brothers could just call me an ass and get away with it because they would say they were talking about the donkey. Yes asses are great to have as pets and not just for their names, they are cute too. Just this week we added another member to our ever growing ass family on the Whitmore farm. This cute little ass doesn't have a name yet. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who just turned 50? That's right my daddy. Last year when my mom turned 50 (she robbed the cradle) I bought her all the embarrassing "50 year old" and "over the hill" stuff I could find. Including a singing and dancing hamster that drives my animals nuts, and she hated it just as I expected. So I figured the only way to really bug my dad (that is the reason parents have kids right? to bug them?) is to just publicly announce that he just turned half of a century old.
Now my dad was born 50 years ago today on Earth day, even though I doubt that was a holiday back then since he IS older than dirt hahaha. But we can't forget my mother just celebrated her 51st on April Fools day. Now my dad and I always have our picture taken together, even though we haven't raced yet this year on the Suzuki. So forgive me for having an outdated picture up, but it's one of my favorites. However my mom runs every time I pull my camera out. I searched my entire lap top for a photo of her and this one of her delivering a baby ass is the only one I could find. I have said it time and time again, I am a hick. Now maybe after seeing this picture people will start to believe me. Don't make me post the ENTIRE birthing process. Next time mom please just smile pretty for the camera.
Anyways picking on my parents wasn't my main reason for this post. I want to tell them both that I miss them very much. And thank them for everything they have ever done for me. From my dad driving me around the country and working on my bikes. To my mom teaching me that it's OK for a girl to dive right in and get dirty, obviously she doesn't have a problem with this. I wouldn't be the great, wonderful person (hahaha sarcasm of course) that I am today without their love and support. My brothers too. Thank you guys, I love you very much. Happy Birthday and give Frankie a hug for me:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Don't count me out just yet!!!

So I heard on TV the other day that they are expecting people to start living to 150 years old. If so that means I have almost another 130 years left on this planet, that's a lot of time. So I just wanted to clear something up. I am only TWENTY THREE years old! I do not plan on quiting any time soon. I swear just this week I had three people ask me when I was going to retire, apparently they think I'm getting too old to race. Heck the way I look at it I haven't even reached my prime yet, guys are racing well into their 30's so why can't I? Sure it's a lot easier for guys to start a family and continue racing, they don't have to sit out for 9 months. I am sure that someday I will like to have a family and everything, I do love kids. But I can assure you its not going to be for a VERY long time. So please stop asking me when I am going to retire because it's not going to be for awhile yet. And please stop making me feel like TWENTY THREE is old because it's NOT! If John Dowd can race til he's 40 so can I. That still gives me 110 years to adopt kids (after all I have put my body through child birth isn't likely).

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Men's Journal

Check it out! A couple of months ago I got an email from the people at Men's Journal saying they were doing a feature on women in action sports who still have a feminine side. Needless to say I was flattered and jumped at the opportunity to be in such a well known magazine. It's so cool having your own hair and make up people along with a stylist. I just wanted to mention there was a stylist there so you guys won't think those green pants are my own, nor did I think that wearing my boots with them made me look "hot" like they said. It wasn't my idea so please don't make fun of me. Just go out and buy the May issue and check out why I am one of the seven featured "Action Figures." hahaha

Knott's Berry Farm

You can't ride every single day, every once in awhile you need a little break. So Tuesday while my bike was in the shop getting parts swapped I went with my friends, the Jung family to Knott's Berry Farm. I haven't been on a roller coaster in ages, but contrary to what the picture looks like I really am not that afraid of them. After going sky diving, and well, driving in a car or riding a bike when I am in control roller coasters are a piece of cake. How ever I find them to be a lot more fun if you scream your head off the entire way. Here Ashley (front along side me) and Lauren (back) look like they are doing the wave and having about just as much fun as if they were doing one.
I tried not screaming a couple of times, and actually sang once to show them I could remain calm and collective (they both wished they were Deaf) but I didn't have nearly as much fun as I had in this picture. Its all about making yourself scared to have a better time. That's why you watch scary movies in the dark and not during the day. If you think I look scared here just watch "SAW" with me, then you'll really see me scream.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Road Trip!!!!

Like I said this last week was a long one. My brothers called me a couple of months ago because they are huge into mixed matial arts and there was a Strike Force fight in San Jose California. I asked someone who told me San Jose was only a couple of hours from Temecula where I am staying now. So my brothers got their tickets and we started planning for them to come out and visit me. A week before they left I was running with my roommate Christy when she told me San Jose was in fact not two hours away but more like seven or eight! By this time it would have cost my brothers too much to change their flights so we drove up seven hours Saturday watched the fight and turned around and drove back down so they could catch their Sunday morning flight out of LAX. Did I mention Terry only drove about an hour and a half, and Ben didn't drive at all? I am STILL tired!
Pictured above is the lovely California scenery on our road trip. Terry in his new Shift gear, we at least got to go riding friday morning. The three of us in the stands, we were in the fourth row, really good seats! Ben with "the Punk" one of his favorite fighters. And the main event Frank Shamrock verses Cung Le, which ended after Cung broke Franks arm with multiple kicks.

Happy Easter!

OK I know its a little late, but in my defense I've had a really long week, and its better late than never right? I had a great Easter with my California family, we went to church which was held outside at a football field because so many people came. Back home in Michigan it usually snows on Easter so I was not expecting to get a sun burn! After listening to another great message from Pastor Gary we went back to open our Easter baskets (yes at 23 I still got an Easter basket YAY!) and then spent the entire day relaxing watching movies and playing rock band. I even had an adopted Grandma for the day who cooked an amazing meal and in true Grandma fashion slapped me (just a light slap on the leg don't worry) during church when she found out I have tattoos. Thanks Marc, Kelle, Sidney and Grandma for taking in an orphan and making me feel at home. Its not easy being away from my family (I miss you guys so much!) especially on holidays, but you guys made it that much easier:)

Paint balling

My sponsors and California adopted family "the Hauser's" have picked up a new hobby, paint balling and invited me to come along last week. I have only gone a couple of times, the last time being for my friend Mitch's 21st birthday party four years ago, so I was a little out of practice. I was definitely at a disadvantage with my rented gun (everyone else had $400 + guns) poor night vision, and my lack of camo gear, but I had a blast and even got the hang of it and shot quiet a few people by the end of the night. Kelle (aka Private Benjamin) and I were the only girls there, and laughed about how things are way more fun when there's a chance you will get hurt. The biggest disappointment of the night? My damn tough skin! The last time I had a real good bruise was over a year ago when I had shoulder surgery and before that was probably when I broke my ankle. The next day while everyone was comparing welts and bruises, all I had was one tiny little red circle on my butt cheek so I couldn't even show anyone! And trust me I got shot over ten times and it still hurt, but while every other girl in the world would be excited not to be covered in bruises all of the time I am strange and actually like battle wounds. Though maybe I should change my thinking because someone once told me I should quit racing because "chicks dig scars but guys don't." I might not have any bruises from paint balling but I have plenty of scars so guys will just have to get used to a girl who would rather get shot with paint than paint her nails!