Tuesday, March 4, 2008

MXGirls ride day

OK if you are a female in the southern California area and you weren't at Milestone on Sunday you were missing out. It was a great opportunity to get out and meet other girls in our sport. And while we didn't discriminate and let the boys come too it was such a change to see the tracks crowded with the majority of the riders having ponytails. I am sure a lot of girls were at a track for the first time and they had lessons for beginners and more advanced riders as well. Even though the weather didn't cooperate with the strong gusty winds it couldn't stop a bunch of girls from having a good time on their dirt bikes. Here I am with a girl I have been giving lessons to for a year now, Lauren Jung (right) and her sister Ashley. Both have come a long way in their riding. Good Job girls!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Changing my oil

So the other day it was getting time to change the oil on my bike, I have done it many times before but it never gets any easier. I have said it before I just hate bike work, but let me explain its not that I think I'm too good for it, or that its a man's job. I have seen my friend Kaili change the tire on a car with five guys all watching in awe, none of them offering to help but simply amazed that she knew what she was doing. My friend Jessi also does most of her own maintenance to her bikes and never complains. The difference with me is even though I have been taught how to work on my bike and I should know what I'm doing, I'm just no good at it. Tools feel more foreign in my hands than eating soup with chop sticks. Not only did I drop the socket wrench in the (half full) drain bucket upon loosening the bolt, but I also over tightened the bolt, causing the hole to crack and now I have a slow leak. Note the oil stain on the garage floor. How in the world its possible for me to over tighten a bolt I do not know? I guess all this working out is paying off. So for all of you guys AND girls who are able to work on your bikes without breaking things my hats off to you. Though the good Lord gave me many talents, mechanic just isn't one of them.