Monday, May 19, 2008

Good times

Last weekend my best friend Jessi came to visit. With her living in Alberta (that's western Canada for all of you geographically challenged) and me moving between Michigan, California and anywhere else the wind might take me, its sometimes hard to spend any quality time together. Most of the time we meet up at a race somewhere but even that is tough because we are both a little preoccupied. It has been 2 years since we have gone on a trip together, just the two of us when we went to France where we rode double on this scooter in dresses on the freeway going 98 mph (150 kilometers per hour!) just to keep up with our friends in a car!
It was so nice to finally just get to hang out again. And the best part was one of my friends who knew I was in need of a day off sent us on some sort of scavenger hunt, giving us directions to different destinations but we didn't know what we were doing until we got there. First we went to Venice beach, it was too cold to go in the water but we got to walk around and see all of the weirdos. Like this guy in the american flag speedo. Then we went to a spa for massages and ended it with lots of shopping!!!! We stayed at a hotel right next to the beach and went out to sushi for dinner but instead of going out to the many clubs and bars in the area like most girls our age would, after such a long day we were in bed by 10. Anyways it was just the weekend I needed, but I miss her already. Luckily I am flying home this week to race a Canadian national so I will see her again soon!


Amy Mellinger said...

OK that speedo is a little scary to say the least... Good luck at the Canadian National! Which region are you qualifying in for LL by the way?


jEss said...

i love you

P Arrow said...

Wow that second pic really shows your
"Sarah Smile". Just breath taking.