Thursday, November 15, 2007


Don't worry your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That's me leaning over a Suzuki! I have been getting some questioning looks this past week at tracks all around southern California. I just signed with them last week and picked up my first bike today (the bike in the picture is borrowed). Its a very big change for me, considering I have been riding Yamaha's since '94 and have been riding for Yamaha since '99. It is still odd to look down and see a yellow fender underneath me. But besides the look of it, the feel of it is great. I felt comfortable on it right away and am excited to get my bike set up for me with suspension and handlebars. I of course want to thank Yamaha for all they have done for me through out the years, and now Suzuki for giving me this opportunity. So now that its official (I mean as soon as you blog something it HAS to be true right?) maybe I wont be getting weird looks anymore...


Nick Mullen said...

This comment has nothing to do with you riding a Suzuki. I just read you column in the january 08' issue of RacerX and just wanted to let you know that as a 22 year old male, I think the fact you have calluses and scars is sexy. woman who are not scared to get dirty and are better at what they do then everyone in the world is awsome and I think it is very sexy. So dont listen to people when they tell you its not( I am sure you don't anyway). Congratulation on the new contract and good luck in 2008. You have a new fan.

glenn mcgovern said...

Good luck with your new sponsor. I hope things go well for you this year. I admire your perserverance as a woman motocrosser with all the obstacles and financial hardships. I hope to see you compete in the new FIM Woman World MX Championship Series one year and kick some Euro or Kiwi butt!. It is now 5 races and held with the MX1/MX2 races on Sundays only. There should be enhanced TV coverage.
Take care,
Glenn McGovern
Metairie, La.

Skye said...

heyy sarah i love to ride to im 12 years old my whole family rides except my mom. i wish i could get her to start. we ride with another family with 3 kids just like my family i have 2 brothers. bii

Sarah Smile said...

I would love to go over and race, I have been to France and Italy a couple of times and love it over there. The problem is its hard enough to get help in the states, getting support to go over there is almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

wow great im a big fan i wanted your goggles at steel city but didnt get them you be way better on a zook you go girl

Anonymous said...

sara way to go on the zook congrats on a great ride

Stephon Fuller said...

Hey Sarah,

Congrats on the new ride. Have a great season and stay healthy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,
Yes it is tough to get help over in Europe. But, the MX1/MX2 is held on the same Sundays as the Women MX this year for 5 races. I bet some of the satellite teams would offer you a bike for those races with mechanical support since they will be there anyway this year with the new format. You need a works suspension to race over there though. Just a re-valve job will not cut it. The tracks are really rough over there and they do not prep them like here due to higher fuel costs. I raced a box stock KTM over there at Donington and Namur last summer and everyone else had Ohlins, reworked WP hard parts or works KYB works type suspension. And you need it over there.
It is hard but if you want to it could be worked out. Plumm has a factory Kawaski ride over there.
I am helping someone else go over there and we got a bike for three races in another event so it can be done. The FIM rules are different and you have to have everything done right and in order though as the FIM are tough.

Anonymous said...

awesome!! good luck with the new season! cant wait to see what it brings!

Anonymous said...

well POO!!!!!

I own a suzuki... BUT Ialso own a Yamaha!!!

I am a HUGE supporter of YOU Sara, but I must admit, I wish you were still on a Yamaha.

Other wise! good luck with this season... and stop in and see me (Karl) And Lynn next time yer up here in northern MI. LoL, B-sides I think Amanda will be HOME and you KNOW she can use some friends who will help keep her home... and away from where she has been!!!

Good luck & Take Care!!!!


Darin Webb said...

Thanks for the trophy at Hangtown. That was a real nice thing to do.Sarah your a special girl. Keep up the good work, we love you in Chico ca. Sarah you are an angel.