Monday, February 4, 2008

Practice makes perfect

Its true practice does make perfect. And not to pick on California anymore than I need to (someone commented me that if I do it too much I will get thrown out) but if you guys out here want to be good in mud then stop cancelling races every time it rains! Yesterday was the second weekend in a row I woke up early excited to go get muddy only to find out the race was cancelled:( Now I'm not a fan of the clean up either (but hey I dont like washing my bike no matter what the conditions) and I have been known to pass up a practice day or two in the rain. But racing is different, and there really is nothing better than racing in mud. I know its still months away but I hear a lot of people out here talking about qualifying for Loretta's this year so all I have to say is if you are planning on going you better start riding in the mud because it ALWAYS rains at the ranch. See you there, I'll be the one smiling when the skies turn grey.


Just a two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world said...

You are a true Michigander, Sarah. If you knew what the weather has been like here in Michigan lately I bet you would be hauling that Zuki in no time (besides the cold weather that is).
I would personally rather be riding though.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt get mudy at socal track its just like riding on wet concrete. thats why when it rains and they call off the race you head out to the hill with your friends and have fun where theres accually mud!ahh fun, what the speorts really about right?

Mx-MoM said...

You go, girl! Enjoy your new ride and call me when you get a chance. I need to update your sponsor list!

It has been a snowy winter which is good for the snow mobilers and skiers alike. Just me and Cass at home since Jan 2nd. Weird, but kinda fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

why isn't your name on the list?

Jason Weigandt said...

Hey! Mud is awesome. I know this because back at Broome-Tioga a few years ago you made the podium, it was muddy, and I got to do the podium interviews, and you smeared mud all over my face.

I haven't washed it since.