Thursday, June 19, 2008

FCA Camp

Jessica and Emily
The drummer of the worship band was so impressed with my singing he wanted my autograph!!!!
Isaac kisses my boot after we kicked his butt in Karaoke
Cara, Lauren, Kellie and me, you leave your daughters in our care:)

OK I have talked about going to this camp before, but I just can't stress enough how fun this camp is! For those of you wondering why I fell off of the face of the earth right after Freestone its because I flew directly from Texas to Southern Indiana to do my fourth FCA camp. Those of you who haven't heard its a Christian based motocross camp. Kids come to learn how to ride their dirt bikes and get taught by Nathan Ramsey, Kelly Smith, James Polvolny, myself and a bunch of local pros from the area, who were on hand this year. It's a lot of work standing out in the hot sun all day, then doing bible study, worship and chapel at night, then kicking every bodies butt at karaoke, staying up late talking in the dorms only to wake up at 6 the next morning to work out and do it all over again. I am still drained a week later but I wouldn't miss this camp for anything. There really is nothing better than spending time with fellow Christians who all have a love for our sport. And the friendships I have made at these camps I'm sure will be lifelong. I love kids and I am fortunate enough to have the kind of personality to match the maturity level of those around me, and really I enjoy being able to act like a 12-17 year old girl again hahaha. From practicing our "FCA Idol" routine, practicing kart wheels, doing our hair and make up, putting fake worms in each others beds (I still say I'm innocent, and there was no reason to toilet paper my bunk bed!!!) breaking out to go get Dairy Queen, to talking about riding, boys and more importantly God and what he has done for us and where we want to go in our lives. You can't say we are an up tight church camp that doesn't allow any one to have any fun. The best part is though that some of these kids have never even been to church before. They come to the camp just to ride their bike and by the end of the week they commit their lives to Christ. It's just the best feeling to know that everyone that works at the camp plays a small role in that. And just being there to witness it brings tears to my eyes. There are two more camps this summer, one in Illinois and one in Ohio. I am going to do everything I can to get to them, I really hope that you will do the same:)


Slydoggy13 said...

is FCA just for for riders that race or is it open to everyone?

Sarah Smile said...

No there are a lot of kids there who are just starting out and have only riden a few times all the way up to kids who are competing on a national level. Everyone is welcome:)

Lindsay Newell said...

Hi Sarah.
It is so great to see someone like yourself with such a busy schedule still putting God 1st and doing these camps.
It is God who has given us all the talent to ride motocross bikes.
God Bless you

craig benefiel said...

sarah you are amazing. with your racing you still make time for the littler guys;) but isnt camp just the greatest. i was not able to go this year but i was there last year and it is the most amazing thing a person can go through. period. but its soo amazing all the kids that come to ride and learn of god and end up dedicating of their lives to god. and thats amazing. and all the pros that come to help and teach and share their personal experinces. like nathan ramsey, andrew short, poo and ryan sipes,Kelly Smith, James Polvolny, and soo many more im sorry if i forgot. the super aswome people who make it happen are the people that transport bikes or help fix them, or keep up the track and do al the things that alot of times go unnoticed or unthanked. they give of their time to make it possible its soo amazing so heres to you all. THANK YOU-you are soo amazing. and then the planners of it like roney caswell, dale hopp, and the people that allow all of this to happen. then theres the one who allowed any of us to have the talent and blessings to have the ability to ride. our aswome god. he should get alot more glory in the world than he does. and its just so cool how he is able to put role models in our(the younger kids and teenagers) lives like andrew, nathan, ryan, poo, you, and the list is soo many names long. he uses you to get others to come to him im soo happy that you took up his calling to spread his name. thank you=]
and for anyone intrested in this is the most amazing camp ever soo if you ever have a chance to attend. i personally wouldnt miss it for the world. but mono is diff lol. its just such a heart warming experince you cant beat it. and if u cant beat it join it=]

Hannah9 said...

Hi Sarah!!! I went 2 the FCA camp in Ohio last year... I'm hoping i can go this year 2!!! Hope 2 c u there, and at loretta's 2!!!.... Camp is SOOOO AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I just caught your interview on 58mxlive, and I loved to hear you talk about the camp and what you are doing for The Lord. I could tell by the pasion in your voice that you love the Lord's work and I am so thankfull that we have Christian Role models in our sport that my kids can look up to. I have a daughter that is 6 and she is just the cutest thing in her pink gear. Thank you for what you are doing and Keep up the good work.