Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So Hangtown the first race of the WMA just got done. I have only been waiting for this race since the end of last years season at Steel City. All winter long I was training hard and felt ready to race. Unfortunately this last month of preparation didn't go as planned with a concussion a few weeks ago and a bruised sternum, I suddenly found myself wishing I had more time to heal up. Of course wishes rarely come true, so instead I just wanted to get through the first two weekends (back to back, getting ready for Texas now) on the podium, and come Colorado hopefully I will be 100%. Round one went pretty good according to my new plan and I went 2-5 for 3rd overall. It felt so good to be racing again:)


Anonymous said...

concussion a few weeks ago and a bruised sternum, ....
okes we need to keep you off that bike before the BIG races ... gesssh dislocated shoulder just a month before this the last time ..... keep them them sprits up :) and keep going ....

Mooooo :) heheeheheheheheheee

Audra said...

Hey there Sarah!
Congrats on your results at Hangtown and Freestone!!
I hope that you’re healing up and ready to kick some Honda butt at Thunder Valley!! Good luck! Keep racking up those championship points!!!!!

I heard about women’s motocross coming to X Games this summer. AWESOME!! Maybe we’ll run into each other out there. It would be nice to see you again, and of course I’d love to watch you race!

I just got back from Fort Worth, TX (X Fighters)..and now it’s back to the office and boring old work. I’m already missing that Texas Bbq. Mmmm… :) It’s past my lunch no wonder!

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and have been getting in some good practice for CO. Can’t wait to hear about how you do! Take care and have fun on that bike of yours. You’re doing great!! Go 89!!!


Anonymous said...