Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More rain!!!

OK I am so sorry I haven't updated in awhile, since I have actually started getting phone calls asking when I am going to post something new I figured I better get on it. The thing is not much has been going on, I have been riding almost everyday, up until this recent rain storm that has lasted a full week. Now as you all know I am not afraid of a little rain, I thrive on it. But theres not much I can do when all of the tracks in southern California shut down. Now I could crack some jokes right now about Californians not knowing how to drive or ride in the rain, but I am beginning to like it here, and besides I will take rain over snow any day so who's complaining? Its just that its been a week now and I'm getting a little anxious to get back on my Suzuki (which, by the way, I absolutely LOVE) so it can stop at any time.

According to the weather its not supposed to let up until the end of the week so it looks like its going to be another muddy Supercross at Anaheim 3. Speaking of Supercross I am getting a little annoyed at all of the "main event" board and "30 second" board girls. Not to mention every energy drink company is in some huge competition to see who can have the most scantily clad girls on display. Its bad enough when these girls are getting paid to dress like this but then there are fans walking around wearing less than what I wear to the beach (of course I would actually have to go to the beach first, I never have the time). At the nationals in the summer time ladies I can totally see where you are coming from because trust me if I didn't have to wear 15 lbs of gear and look professional at all times I wouldn't. But at Anaheim 2 I had on a hooded sweatshirt with a down jacket over top, and I'm from the arctic, I am used to the cold. I have no idea why these girls want to freeze all night long just to have some drunks in the stands make rude comments to them. Then yesterday when I watched San Fransisco on TV I was actually ashamed at how the girls were portrayed. Lets not forget this is a family sport, I see a lot of female faces and little kids in the stands who do not want to see some girl shaking her ass. And for someone who has never watched a Supercross before and their remote just happened to land on it, what are they thinking? I get so many emails from girls and boys alike, asking me for advice on convincing their mothers to let them ride and race motocross. To me its a no brainer, I have spent almost every weekend as a teenager at the race track with my parents instead of running around drinking and getting into trouble like a normal teen. Up until recently the motocross track has been a great place to be with your family. Now my number one advice would be "don't let your mom watch Supercross on TV."

Guys, come on, can't it just be about the racing again, not the show? And girls? If you are starving for attention that badly get it the real way, go out and write a book, invent something, find a cure for cancer or learn how to jump a Supercross triple. Stop showing off those fake boobs, you are better than that...I am sorry if this came off as a little too strong, but I am sure that most of you girls who read this feel the same way.


Keepin' er Covered. said...

I know what you completely! The last thing our sport needs is a bunch of hussies running around half to 3\4 naked! We're in a sport where people walk around covered in dirt and mud!If your prissy enough to walk around in a bra and short shorts then you don't belong.Your also right about it being a family sport!No mother with a half a brain doesn't want their child to see some floozy showing all god gave her! Put some clothes on or go home! And by all means don't get dirt on your pedicured toes!

jEss said...

FINALLY!!! Someone had to say it. Right on Sarah!!! I makes drinking an energy drink seem like I'm doing something dirty.

the two-stroke girl living in a four-stroke world said...

Amen! I have been trying to relay this message for such a long time; you totally embodied what has been tumbling in my brain since I started watching those girls. I got my boyfriend into watching the Supercross with me because it's a huge part of my life, and every weekend I complain to him about how nasty they look. I want to be a part of the Supercross crew someday - just not scantily clad.

Rendawg said...

I didn't even notice the 30 second card girls. I'm gonna have to go to A3 and San Diego and observe these half naked women. Maybe use the ole " Excuse me mamn, F.B.I., Female body Inspector.... i like what i see" line on em'... Works everytime!

Actually, i think we should get Terry Boyd out there in a thong and let him shake it up for the ladies in the house. Then everyones happy!


Gator said...

1. Be careful picking on California. LOL Not alot of people know this, but if you complain too much we can kick you out. (Now you know why everybody doesn't live here.)

2. Yep, I agree. Keep the 'show' and give me more races/racing any day.

3. Keep ripping on the yellow Zuk.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, I just came by your site sence I seen it in the new Racer X Mag. First off I just want to say that I am a huge huge fan of yours. What you put in to our sport is amazing. Anyways I just wanted to leave a comment and tell you that I think your amazing and I am excited to find your page. I was wondering if you have a myspace page? Thanks for your time and I can't wait to read your next blog. Looking good on your new ride.

Anonymous said...

that cali weather! it rains way less up here in wash.state lol cali seems cool i went down there and saw some of the tracks it seems nice way more riding there! lake elsenore (not sure of spelling) looked so fun next time i want my bike with me!

Terry said...

Hi Sarah,

First I want to say how much I enjoy your blog. It's great to see you (and many other young riders) writing so well in the magazines and on websites. It's a real step forward for our sport and all of you make old guys like me proud.

Second, congratulations on your new ride and best wishes in 2008 WMA series. I'll be rooting for you.

Finally, my main reason for writing is that I think you've hit on a real conflict in the SX world. Sadly, SX is not a family sport. It's a manufactured event targeted at the 18-34 male demographic. The titillation factor (pun intended) could get worse before it gets better. I've written a little more about this on my site if you're interested. It's one of many challenges we face as the sport strives for mainstream acceptance.

Keep up the good work.

Mx-MoM said...

Agreed! It makes me sick to think that my daughters see scantily clad girls exploited on television, movies and the internet.

The younger girls growing up think this is the normal way of life. It is not.
So, why are parents surprised and appalled when their young daughters behave and dress in a sexual manner? Boys and girls think it is acceptable in today's world. You can't watch a program in prime time without seeing or hearing something about sex. The media has taken something beautiful given to us by God and turned it into something casual and dirty.

This is a battle that begins in our homes and back yards. We need to teach our sons and daughters to respect and take care of their bodies not to exploit them.

The internet is a powerful tool so we too can protest our disgust by posting in blogs, emailing and even picking up the forgotten pen and writing letters to editors, publishers and producers.

Kudos to Sarah to use her status as a professional motocross racer to encourage young girls, and also stand true to her principles and her faith in God in a worldly world.

Long winded as usual! lol
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

bikini on a TMX poster, who was that girl? Oh right it was Sarah...

and what's with the girl racers walking around in Bras at the races? Hell I'm hot after a race too but Walking around in a bra... isn't that abit Miss. Supercross?

Sarah Smile said...

Dear Mr (or Ms) Anonymous,
Yes you are right I did pose in a bikini for a poster. However the reason I did that was not to say "wow look at me I am hot" but simply to make fun of every other poster girl out there because unlike them I know how to ride the bike I was sitting next to. And showing that there are girls out there that can look good in a bikini without starving themselves, doing it the right way by good old fashion excersize. I did it as a joke to make fun of those girls, unfortunatly no one else found it funny. As for the sports bra? Well I can assure you while others might walk around in one after a race no one has seen me in one in over a year. But who cares anyways? The guys rip off thier jerseys when its 100 plus degrees outside why cant we? Its a sports bra it covers more than what a bathing suit would at the beach. I dont do it anymore to look more "professional" but I know the first thing I want to do when I get off the track is take my gear off. I dont blame the girls that do. And hell at the nationals I dont blame most of the fans that walk around in bikini tops, its HOT outside. But when its 50 degrees and your only trying to show off your body? That I have a problem with.

224 Abby said...

ya we do sometimes walk around in sports bras but but after a race we are hot and sweaty and tryin to cool down its not like if we were'nt hot we wouldnt do it