Monday, January 7, 2008


I started going to the Pontiac supercross back in 1993, with my dad and brother. Back then I was big into collecting autographs. I remember one year everyone had already gone back to their hotels after the race except for Guy Cooper who was still signing under the Suzuki box van. Guy was my favorite rider and the only autograph I even cared to really get. All the way home I remember thinking what that said about his character for staying later than anyone else, and it made me like him that much more.

I wish I could say that I still have that poster on my wall, but its been long gone. However a couple of years ago I made a trade off with his nephew, my jersey (to serve as a birthday present for his girlfriend) in exchange for Guys. That jersey is still on my wall and will never go down.

Now when I go to a supercross I know most of the riders from growing up with them and racing amateur nationals together. I am no longer a "fan" of anyone, I just cheer for my friends. The last time I can remember getting my picture taken with anyone as a fan was with Jeff Emig back in '98 (though talking to him still makes me nervous to this day). I have signed more autographs than I have ever received and I know what its like to get asked for pictures. I thought I was done getting nervous at supercrosses, that is until this weekend.

Richardson's RV is sponsored by Throwdown, a big company in the UFC, who Rampage (my favorite fighter) also happens to fight for. I heard he was going to be at Anahiem 1 and I waited all night to finally meet him. He was kind enough to talk to me a little while, saying he has one of "those bikes, like they raced tonight, I don't know what it is I'm not good with numbers, but its a big one" but said he needs something smaller because its too much for him. Which I laughed at, if all 125 lbs of me can handle a 450 I'm sure that he could too. I was shocked that he never cursed once in our conversation, if you have ever seen one of his interviews most of it is BLEEPED out. He also said he couldn't put me in a head lock because I am a girl, but he let me put him in one, though my arms would barely fit around his neck! Anyways I just wanted to say thank you to Rampage for making me nervous and reminding me what its like to be a fan again.


welovetoliveinaworldofawesome said...

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo... dats 5 Yos, Yo... Great headlock photo but where da platinum grillz??? It's like you were blowin bubbles or somtin' like dat...

KC said...

Wow!! That's so great! I would be so excited to meet him, and he does seem like a very friendly person.
My name is Kasie Powers and I used to race against you at Loretta's and I raced one regional at Dutch with you and you have always been so friendly whenever I see you. I just wanted to say hey and that as a longtime Suzuki racer "Yay" for your switch. Congratulations!! I'm praying for you and your success. It couldn't happen to a nicer person.

hauser family said...

hey Sarah! Love da pic of you and your boyfriend! So cute! Man,I wish I couldve been there to witness it!haha jk. Love ya! Ur lil sis