Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I know its not possible for me to send everyone a Christmas card, so for those of you I missed this was the picture on my card this year. Cheesy I know but I just couldn't resist. I just hope everyone knows it was meant as a joke, I admit to being a dork but I'm not THAT bad.
Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I sure did. I just love everything about this time of year, of course it goes by way too fast! So I will leave you with 10 of my favorite things that I only have to wait 364 days for them to come again!

10. I have an excuse to go shopping!
9. It is the only time of year I like snow.
8. Christmas lights.
7. All of the yummy food and cookies!
6. Decorating the tree.
5. Getting dressed up Christmas eve to go to Church, where I always read the lessons every year.
4. Grandma's apple pie!
3. Being with my family, so many aunts, uncles and cousins I only see a few times a year.
2. Of course everyone loves getting presents, but I prefer to be the giver. I love giving presents.
1. And my favorite thing about the holiday season is the 10 pm candle light church service. Everyone holding candles and singing Silent Night brings tears to my eyes every year, without it it wouldn't be Christmas.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! PS. I am leaving the cold for sunny California on Saturday so finally I will be blogging about riding again!


lindsay567 said...

hey sarah

its lindsay escoyne. we met three years ago at cycle ranch. you came eat with us. how have you been i lost contact with you. if you could get back to me at i would like that.


Gator said...

It's a good card, thanks for sharing. Hope your trip out west is a safe one and that you start ripping it up on the Suzuk.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year :)

ps Mooooo

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

Check out it's by a christian motomom. I think you'd like it.

Happy New Year

Amy said...

'bout time you got back on the bike. I must admit I'm a little jealous, midwesten winters stink. I can't wait until March. You wouldn't happen to racing the North Central LL qualifier again would you? It was awesome being able to line up next to you!

jEss said...

Nice Sweater DORK. ha ha ha!!! Where is my card? The fridge is has an empty spot for you...
Love you

Sarah Smile said...

Amy I havent figured out which qualifiers I will be doing yet. But thank you, I think you are the only one that didnt complain about me going to your regional:)

And Jess, I swear I sent it to MR and MRS Foster. To the same address you gave me. Maybe the guy at the post office who has to check mail coming in from the states kept it for himself cus I am just so darn cute in the picture...maybe not.

Amy said...

Seriously? I loved it! It was like lining up next to RC for me. Except I crashed two weeks later and broke my wrist, and couldn't ride until November (which was only warm enough for one day of riding...) so this racing season was kinda short. But probably still the most memorable. Thanks!