Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Cheboygan Tribune

I must say I love the small town I grew up in. I hope to spend at least my summer months here for the rest of my life. But there are certain things about small towns that really get to me. A couple of years ago after winning my 4th title at Loretta Lynn's my mother called the news paper in town to ask if they wanted to run a story on it. In a town of 5,000 people, one of those people winning a national title in ANYTHING is news. Well the sports editor didn't really think so and we went back and forth on the phone and email. First he said he wanted to meet in person but I was leaving the country for three weeks the next day so he wanted me to call him when I got back which I did. He replied in an email saying that even if he went through with the story he wasn't sure it would ever go to print because it was football season. My reply might have been over the top, but I was furious. It went something like..."I am aware its football season and once attending Cheboygan High myself I understand that you can't get any where in this town unless you participate in school sports. Just answer me when was the last time any of our teams made it to nationals, let alone won them?" Then I told him, "as for all the members of this community who keep asking my why I haven't been in the news paper yet I will just tell them to read my column in Racer X, or they can read about me in the Detroit Freepress or the New Jersey Star Ledger who have both done stories on me earlier this summer. Or they could even watch the Disney movie 'Moto Kids' or MTV's True Life." Needless to say this was followed by another reply from him saying I was the cockiest person he had ever met in his life and all of my success has gone to my head.

I don't think that is true, I know all I do is ride a motorcycle, its nothing to really brag about but being told there was no room in the news paper because they had to run football scores really got me going. How ever a few weeks later in the sports section there was a small article that he put together off of information he found in my bio on the WMA website. That was that and we haven't talked since. I had almost forgotten this whole incident until last weekend when I took my puppy Frankie to the book store in town to get his picture taken with Santa Claus. Being the proud mommy that I am I have to say every one loved him because he is the cutest dog out there. Great Danes aren't very popular up here, and most of the dogs in that day were little ankle bitters. Needles to say Frankie being the ham that he is made everyone fall in love (he's so good at this my DAD actually even likes him! My dad is NOT an animal person). And after getting our picture they asked me to sign a release to allow them to use the picture in the paper. I gladly signed thinking how cute he would look. But this Friday when my Father picked up the paper and there was Frankie all 5 months and 70 lbs of him on Santa's lap all I could think of was the last time I was in our news paper and the trouble I had to go through. The moral of this story? Apparently in a small town winning a national championship isn't news, but my puppy sitting on Santa's lap? Alert the press!!!!!


Audra said...

Hey there Sarah,
That's a pretty funny story. :) Looks like Frankie is getting to be a big guy! I'd say that Santa might struggle to fit him on his lap next year. :) Cute picture.
I hope that you have a great Christmas with family and friends..and animals. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

I've just started reading your blogs..very good stuff. I'm glad you're doing so well.

Just remember, the local paper may hate on you.. but the reporter at the little TV station in Alpena had plenty of love back in the day :) You're story won 1st Place in Michigan!