Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First colors

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck. As you can tell by looking at the picture I did in fact pass my belt test. I haven't been this nervous (besides before my half marathon) since I don't even know when. I know it was silly of me to be so nervous going in but you must remember my whole life has been about motorcycles. I took dance in fourth grade, and I was terrible at it. Besides that I ran track in high school but I never really competed in anything else. I have really enjoyed branching out to new things this fall, and mostly doing it with my brothers. Ben is so passionate about martial arts (he reminds me a lot of myself only with MX) that its hard not to fall in love with it too. And it has been great for Terry and I to have our very own Sensai living with us. In fact while Terry and I were being tested in Karate Ben sat up front with professor Gary and every thing we did wrong he would tell Ben "you need to work on Sarah, she is dropping her arms." as if it were Ben's fault. Of course it goes both ways too, he also complimented Ben that some of my kicks are at a black belt level, and I look just like him when I kick. Ben was glad to take credit for this. Which he deserves because while I have only been training for my belt since this summer, Ben has been showing me kicks and punches
for years now.

So even though in the world of martial arts I have only just won my first race in the C class, and it really isn't anything to brag about, I'm happy with my accomplishments so far. My training will obviously dwindle this winter when I am in California riding, but I still have a month of training and bonding at home with my brothers. Nothing brings you closer together than a kick to the face and a bloody mouth.

(I think Ben is trying to point out where he has hit me with about 40 hook kicks, I need to learn how to dodge better!)


neumann said...

I just have to pass along this memory of Ben. In '97, I took Ben to Randy Bronson's track to ride.

Randy: So Ben, how did you like my track?

Ben: It's the worstest track I ever rode on.

The brutal honesty of a 6 year old.


mpy said...

That yellow belt will go nicely with your new Suzuki!

Sarah Smile said...

Hahahahahaha Ben said that? The sad thing is he is now 19 and he would still say something that rude.

And yes my next belt I would get is green...So I think am done with my Karate testing, I am happy with my Suzuki:)