Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snow shoeing

I must say my family is getting aggravated with all of my complaining. I came home from California three weeks ago to two feet of snow and I haven't been very happy about it! Snow may be pretty but when you grow up with an over protective father who doesn't want you to do any winter sports like snowmobiling or snowboarding because they are too dangerous, pretty is about its only quality. Just the other day my mother who has taken up snow shoeing asked me to join her. I have heard that snow shoeing is a great pass time (I got yelled at earlier for calling it "the worst sport in the world'" I guess its not a sport) and a very good work out. I must have been doing something wrong then because even though I tried making it harder by breaking my own trail and going up and down the jumps on my track I never warmed up, and didn't even come close to breaking a sweat. I must admit it was nice to do something outside, but as far as a workout goes the hardest part was when my dogs would step on my shoes and trip me. Here in this picture all three of them Frankie, Endo and our beagle Buddy are all tackling me. Yes I am actually in this picture. But I have decided from now on if I want fresh air I will just go wrestle with them without the snowshoes for them to trip me with and as for a work out I will just stick to the gym, where there is HEAT!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel.. I can't stand the winter!

nunley said...

I enjoyed your January Racer X column. Maybe you could try "Yeah, I'm a big time professional snow shoer." as an airport alias! Good luck on your new ride and your new season. Maybe we'll see you again at the Phoenix SX!