Thursday, April 10, 2008

Men's Journal

Check it out! A couple of months ago I got an email from the people at Men's Journal saying they were doing a feature on women in action sports who still have a feminine side. Needless to say I was flattered and jumped at the opportunity to be in such a well known magazine. It's so cool having your own hair and make up people along with a stylist. I just wanted to mention there was a stylist there so you guys won't think those green pants are my own, nor did I think that wearing my boots with them made me look "hot" like they said. It wasn't my idea so please don't make fun of me. Just go out and buy the May issue and check out why I am one of the seven featured "Action Figures." hahaha


Anonymous said...

Don't make fun of you? I mean, c'mon, were you forced to wear that? Inquiring minds want to know...


The happiest Blog said...


Congratulation on making to the magazine. Your great smile is now posted on the happiest blog in the world as well.

Blogger Smile - Interview - a winner smile from the young biker that make my day

I think your story will inspire more young talented people to work their way up!

Keep it up!

Thank you for sharing your great smile!

Casey Clear said...

Stumbled across your blog..hopefully you keep to updating! I love your pups, I want a great dane myself..Ben is not so little anymore, it's sad. I'll check out the Men's Health artical, maybe forward it on to the Tribune ;)
Keep up the good work.
BBH always (even more so, than before).


Casey Clear said...

And by Men's Health, I totally meant Men's Journal....