Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Paint balling

My sponsors and California adopted family "the Hauser's" have picked up a new hobby, paint balling and invited me to come along last week. I have only gone a couple of times, the last time being for my friend Mitch's 21st birthday party four years ago, so I was a little out of practice. I was definitely at a disadvantage with my rented gun (everyone else had $400 + guns) poor night vision, and my lack of camo gear, but I had a blast and even got the hang of it and shot quiet a few people by the end of the night. Kelle (aka Private Benjamin) and I were the only girls there, and laughed about how things are way more fun when there's a chance you will get hurt. The biggest disappointment of the night? My damn tough skin! The last time I had a real good bruise was over a year ago when I had shoulder surgery and before that was probably when I broke my ankle. The next day while everyone was comparing welts and bruises, all I had was one tiny little red circle on my butt cheek so I couldn't even show anyone! And trust me I got shot over ten times and it still hurt, but while every other girl in the world would be excited not to be covered in bruises all of the time I am strange and actually like battle wounds. Though maybe I should change my thinking because someone once told me I should quit racing because "chicks dig scars but guys don't." I might not have any bruises from paint balling but I have plenty of scars so guys will just have to get used to a girl who would rather get shot with paint than paint her nails!

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