Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Road Trip!!!!

Like I said this last week was a long one. My brothers called me a couple of months ago because they are huge into mixed matial arts and there was a Strike Force fight in San Jose California. I asked someone who told me San Jose was only a couple of hours from Temecula where I am staying now. So my brothers got their tickets and we started planning for them to come out and visit me. A week before they left I was running with my roommate Christy when she told me San Jose was in fact not two hours away but more like seven or eight! By this time it would have cost my brothers too much to change their flights so we drove up seven hours Saturday watched the fight and turned around and drove back down so they could catch their Sunday morning flight out of LAX. Did I mention Terry only drove about an hour and a half, and Ben didn't drive at all? I am STILL tired!
Pictured above is the lovely California scenery on our road trip. Terry in his new Shift gear, we at least got to go riding friday morning. The three of us in the stands, we were in the fourth row, really good seats! Ben with "the Punk" one of his favorite fighters. And the main event Frank Shamrock verses Cung Le, which ended after Cung broke Franks arm with multiple kicks.


Katie B. said...

Hi Sarah this is Amanda Belonga's sister Katie. Love your blog! I love Pink. I hope racing goes well!!! Be careful and safe!

Anonymous said...

ummm would you like a MAP of California :) hehehehehe

just glad ya made everything in time tho ....